This is the story about the day me and my friends invited some exclusive escort girls and got it on

I think there is nowhere in the world a group of male friends that have never got the feeling of "I'm so bored, I have no patience to call this girl, or that girl". I think that period is happening for me and my friends more often than other people, and maybe it is just a product of the "here and now" culture. The inability to delay gratifications, and the enjoyment of the many experiences we had with all of our girls. We became spoiled and lazy, but from the other hand – if there is another option, why not trying it? A few years ago we decided to try it and invited from Exclusive Israel Escort office a girl for each of us. Inviting from a
VIP escorts in Israel is not a cheap deal, but we managed. After we started the night in the house of one of the friends, and got little high from the drinks, the girls have arrived. When I was talking with the guy from the
Lesbian Israel service, I told him that the occasion is "not – occasion", and that we only want to hang out with the girls, and we want four different girls who looks totally different from each other.

So they arrived, and started the funniest evening in my life

The girls arrived, from the
VIP escort office
, or like they called themselves "VIP GIRLS", and joined us to the drinking. There were four. One of our friends got a tall, blonde girl, with a silky smooth skin that looked perfect and was speaking Russian. The girl I got was a small brunette, my favorite, with a big breast and a smile that took me from the first minute. Another friend of us, got a redhead girl with a lot of freckles, she was beautiful. It is funny how there is some amazing redheads and some hideous ones, but there is nothing in the middle – this one was HOT. And the last friends who likes Asian, was pretty amazed when he so the Asian escort he got a real roll of sushi. We were all pretty amazed from the variety and the girls themselves. The Exclusive escorts in Israel taking their job seriously, all we asked is for the girls to be different from each other, nothing more.

It was an amazing evening that we will never forget

We took the Israel escort
girls with us out, to the near pub. We had a really good time, the girls insisted to pay on their own drinks. After we sat there, having the best time in our lives, we had each to his home. I can't tell you how the other guys felt and did there, but I had the best time in my life. There is no doubt that Exclusive escorts in Israel is the best way to hang out.